Systems Engineering Coaching & Consultancy


SEc2 provides support and consultancy in the field of Systems Engineering, specifically in, but not limited to, the domain of Space Engineering. Its special service is to design or select processes and tools that have the right size and amount of detail for the job at hand and that are well aligned with company or institute practices. SEc2 can introduce the selected methods and tools in the organization by means of workshops or courses.

In addition SEc2 is performing research in the field of Systems Engineering in general and Space Systems Engineering in particular.


SEc2 has started its activities end of 2008 and has been established as a small company in July 2009. It makes use of the accumulated knowledge of over 25 years of experience in industry and 10 years of research and education in aerospace engineering.


The projects are executed exclusively by Robbert J. Hamann. Up till this day they are the following:

          Contribution to the system and subsystem design section of the SEQ Airbus Defense & Space in-house course

Training for ISIS customers in the use and application of Systems Engineering tools and methods for small satellite projects (1.5 days)

Review of the assignments for the fall and spring Design Synthesis Exercise projects of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology on content and management aspects. The Design Synthesis Exercise is the formal conclusion of the BSc curriculum Aerospace Engineering

Sentinel 5P is a common satellite project of the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and the European Space Organization (ESA). NSO contributes the TROPOMI instrument to the mission.

The main research objective of the instrument is to contribute to a better quantification and attribution of the sources and sinks of trace gases in the Earth's troposphere and to a better understanding of the atmospheric transport, chemistry and radiation processes that drive the interactions between atmospheric composition, air quality and climate.

In addition the instrument will play an essential role in the monitoring of the lowermost atmosphere and the troposphere, and applications for operational and commercial use of the data.

The instrument measures radiation from the Earth's atmosphere in the ultraviolet, visual, near infrared and short wavelength infrared spectral bands with daily frequency and a spatial resolution of up to 7x7 km. Prime contractor for the instrument is Dutch Space. Prime contractor for mission and satellite is Astrium UK.

An integrated ESA-NSO Joint Project Team at ESTEC manages the project. SEc2 supports NSO in its tasks in the project team.

The Smart Services Boulevard is an initiative of the University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen. One of its facilities is the Open Innovation Studio, where projects are executed in an interactive, concurrent fashion involving all relevant stakeholders. The concept is based on the Concurrent Design Facility as used by ESA in ESTEC. SEc2 has been involved in the training of University staff and project participants in Systems Engineering methods and tools.

The support to the Chair of Space Systems Engineering concerned the authorship of a chapter for the textbook Small Satellite Engineering (E.K.A. Gill editor), selected guests lectures and supervision of MSc students. In addition research is done on selected subjects in the field of Space Systems Engineering. SEc2 is affiliated with this chair of the TU Delft.

Brainstorm session on possible participation in Dutch educational satellite projects.

Workshop on concept selection process and trade-off methods (graphical, traditional and AHP).

Assistance to TROPOMI Preliminary Requirements Review.

Selected publications

Using a Requirement Management Tool for Verification Management

Does Systems Engineering in Space Projects Pay?

Factors in Technical Risk Assessment

Introducing and Maintaining Systems Engineering in a Medium Sized Company

Delfi-C3 Preliminary Mission Results

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